Two decades of legitimate notoriety and innovation. Every festival, is a period of new concepts, irreplaceable memories, of witnessing legends in the making, of break out stars with incomparable skills and an unstoppable passion. Surely it is not just referring to the artists.

The Notorious IBE is hectic, well organized mayhem with attention to every detail. A perfect clockwork, that just doesn’t function or fulfills it’s true purpose without it’s supporters, co-creators and documenters.

A clockwork that informs you there is no specific time for Hip Hop. You don’t turn it off. You live it. It is you. It is there, just like the notion of time. If the clock is broken, you fix it with knowledge, patience and dedication and you pass it on.

When visiting Heerlen city during this magnetic energy spike, it becomes part of you and vice versa. Even if you think it’s only a one time opportunity, you carry that excitement, the zest, everywhere you go from then on. The beauty of an event that’s been around for this long is that b-girls and b-boys who went on to conceive b-babies, form the next generation who curiously and anxiously walk the very same streets.

Any culture in of itself is a mystical phenomenon but Hip Hop is one that has proven many times over she saved lives. Still does, every single day. Part of anyone’s healing process is right here, in a tiny country called The Netherlands, that is easily dis-missable on a world map. Yet, it’s the biggest and one of the most significant instances for you to stare Hip Hop right in the face.

Rest assured, it can comfort and coach you further towards greatness but -trust- it has an opinion; it will talk back eloquently and set you -all the way-straight.

The Notorious IBE is more than a chapter you just read or in this case, move through. Imagine becoming the co-author for an ever-unfolding saga of historic proportion!

Some of that history is returning in the form of a much anticipated return of All Battles All featuring USA-France and the Young Gunz!

In less than a week, an explosion of talent, perseverance and love for the game will emerge once again- with or without YOU.

Step x Step Dance has had a chance to share and create her love for Hip Hop since 2012. Not nearly close to the time frame of IBE’s existence, but six years is long enough to know the magic of it. To see that people are forever changed by it. That it is a celebration, as well as a schooling, a homecoming or a lift off. IBE has been all of those things to this platform as well. Take a look at the videos from #SXSTV that have transpired since then.

What you can expect this edition: Countless battles, cyphers, parties, workshops, talk shows and so much more. Note: Below schedules are still subject to change!

The Notorious IBE takes place 10-11-12 August in Heerlen city, The Netherlands. For more information please visit www.thenotoriousibe.com