Think about what you were doing at 8 yrs old. Ok, now it probably involved video games, toys, dolls, and/or sports. It was a whole different ball game previous to social media and the Internet when we all played outside, waited to watch music videos and Star Search. There’s a new generation of kids leading the way in talent.

As you thought about being 8 years old you probably didn’t go viral on the Internet with millions and millions of views like Aidan Prince Xiong has done. Aidan, currently living in Los Angeles, caught the eye of millions online when his video with Tricia Miranda caught blaze on YouTube. Dancing to Major Lazer’s “Jet Blue Jet” ¬†with choreography by Miranda, Prince showcases him dancing better than most adults could do in a high level class.

Born with the talent? Probably. Worked hard to share his passion and love of dancing? YES!

Aidan’s viral moment caught the eye of TV personality, Ellen Degeneres, in which he was able to attend the show, perform to millions of viewers, and speak with the host herself. Now some may catch a viral moment and ride it as far as it takes them, but Aidan’s moment continues to rise in popularity as his passion for dance continues to grow.

Aidan Prince up and coming in 2015 and years to come…