To Live and Break In Qatar
To Live and Break In Qatar

Today, Step x Step is excited and humbled to share with you a work called Meet in the Middle” that features the Mighty Jokerz Crew. The film was shot in Doha, Qatar in 2015 and was directed by Antoine Schirer. He might be one of the most intriguing and hard working people I’ve met last year. He’s is a video-director and motion designer from Paris, France. A man with a vision and is actually a (retired) bboy himself. Tony joined the famous ‘Style2Ouf’, which means ‘dope style’, around 2006 which was the first website where you could find dance videos. A long time before Youtube arrived. The mentioning of the name Style2Ouf turns many dancers very nostalgic and emotional, instantly. Trust me, it’ never fails. Try it, next time you meet a long time dancer!

According to Tony originally,  Style2Ouf  was a website started by a stuntman named “Kemp” who posted action/ sport videos: karate, tricking and breakdance but somehow it became a brand known for bboying.

Antoine Schirer
Antoine Schirer aka Tony

In an excerpt from an interview with Tony by R16 we read: “I started filming at this time where internet and film making was just upcoming. Youtube wasn’t existing, it took hours to download a single short clip. I started doing videos around 2003-2004. Watching and inspired by the people from Kemp, TharX, Syl20… who later on became my mentors and friends. I was a young dancer too, filming/editing was fun to me. There weren’t many people filming dance back then. So for me, it was an opportunity to discover more about this culture, travel to important bboy events, and meet all these great dancers. For a long time, I’ve mainly done action clips (trailers, recap etc). Since a few years, I’m trying to explore a different format.

I’m less interested by the dance by itself, and more by the people who hang out in this culture. Fascinated by how dancers, famous or not, have so often crazy life stories.

Also I would like to show to people outside of the culture, how much positive values this culture carries on. More than the dance, it’s solidarity, mind-opening, perseverance, opportunities to travel. This is what I want document now.”

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

Which brings us to the present: he just finished a new short documentary. This time it features Mighty Jokerz Crew who are ex-pats bboys living in Doha. I saw the promo “To Live and Break in Qatar” floating on social media some months ago and asked him where entire piece could be found. I was informed that it wasn’t finished yet but received a preview of it and I’ve been looking forward to the day where it would be finalized and released. I can say without a single doubt that traveling creates memories and impressions that leave an imprint on your spirit. A scenery, a smell, certain colors and of course the people you share your life and passion with for a period of time. Making a journey is something unique that you can’t replace with anything else. It’s a formula that never fails to pay itself forward. In a way it definitely does “teaches one to be a hippie” as Hammody realizes, while he’s saying it.

To me personally this documentary was the ultimate souvenir from my trip to Qatar but more so I recognized it right away as a very educational and motivational film for many breakers, worldwide.

Doha, Al Dahwa is actually the place where I met Tony in 2015. We were both in this enchanting city that edges on the Persian Sea for the World Bboy Classic qualifier, organized by 45-Live and Mighty Jokerz. The crew has members from Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Romania and Turkey/France and Bahrain/Oman. The battle welcomed many people from all over the Middle Eastern Region who competed for a spot in the finals & travel to the Netherlands. Here’s your chance to understand their world a little more and get involved!

Make sure to turn on the subtitles of your choice; English, Arabic, French or Spanish. Leave your personal experiences and comments on youtube and stay tuned for a follow up article that extends on this topic by the end of the month.

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