About the Festival:

“Dancing on the Edge believes in the power of art and culture to address socially relevant issues. Art can ask questions, bring people together, point out the power of difference,  and offer new views to break through ingrained patterns. In today’s globalized world, questions of identity and diversity are the order of the day, and the arts can address these questions through different, exciting viewpoints and collaborations. Dancing on the Edge presents and promotes Middle Eastern/North African (performing) arts, and provides a platform for talented artists from this region, who produce original, relevant, vital and creative work.”

Step x Step Dance had the privilege of witnessing the Moroccan Dance Company called Cie 2K_far on saturday night at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. They were one of the companies invited to perform at Dancing on the Edge and it was impressive.

“Khalid BenGhrib’s Black Table, inspired by Kurt Jooss’ famous political ballet The Green Table, is an urgent and timely work in which six young dancers are trying to relate to (the appeal of) power. Whilst Jooss’ explored the dangers of early Nazism, BenGhrib’s piece is about the rise of the Islamic State.”

More so, it was moving. This work, created  by Khalid BenGhrib requires a complicated type of comprehension of the dancers (bboys) in their body, mind and spirit to raise an explicit sensitivity of the subject within their audience.  To portray a pressing topic like Islamic state the collective is digging deep and are mastering a way of releasing. A respectable skill that will undoubtedly improve with every showing.

For some dancers it was so visible that they surrendered themselves to the movement and the concept of power. A topic all mankind struggles with on different levels but to depict this particular proneness that matters something to the majority of all people around the world makes it that much harder to execute. And they did.

Photo by Dancing on the Edge

Their bodies devoted itself to a different style.  Frankly, a breaker going out of his comfort zone always contains an advantage over any other dancer because of their strength and pure connection to the floor.  Another very vital aspect is to realize that exploring another style then your own, is prone to turn an amazing dancer into an exquisite dancer that breaths unending potential.

Potential Cie 2K_far has plenty of, since to my delight there was singing as well. A young man that voiced a hymn of hardship. Although briefly, the poetic outcry was genuine and fitting. If one is receptive the entire performance will stir you to your core.

Photo by Dancing On the Edge
Photo by Dancing On the Edge

Don’t miss your chance to see Black Table this week on November  12 in Utrecht & the 13th in Rotterdam. For tickets click here.

CONCEPT AND CHOREOGRAPHY Khalid BenGhrib PRODUCTION Cie 2k_far WITH Mouad Aissi, Aziz Nadif, Youness Aboulakoul, Rabii Hadane, Nabil Najihi, Mohamed Ahakki SOUND DESIGNER Youness Aboulakoul CHANT Aziz Nadif MEDIA CONCEPT Younes Atbane MANAGEMENT Imad Achile PHOTOS Jawad El Hadine COMMUNICATION Qods Chabaa LENGTH 40’,65’ LANGUAGE no problem