Born in the cypher, not born out of battles at studios or venues, that’s where these Hip Hop dance styles came from. Rocking and Breaking started raw and in the cyphers, whether at a party from Kool Herc or on the streets, the cypher always stayed true to the dancer and the culture.

Coming up this weekend Cypher Adikts will be celebrating 5 years of “a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest,” says

Cypher Adikts events have been crossing borders around the world including cities around the United States, Canada, Slovakia, Japan, France, Korea, and a number of other countries. The incredible influence of bringing about “balance in our culture” truly through Cypher Adikts can be seen in the eyes of many dancers including Bboy Kippy from Urban Influence Crew.

“My life changed when I went to my first Cypher Adikts event. This is when I truly decided I will do this dance until I cant no more,” said   Kippy.

Jeskilz, Founder of Cypher Adikts, truly has created a balance within the culture where the raw and party vibe of cyphers doesn’t twist the culture with judges, timed rounds, and those other fun things that come with structured battles.

With true humility Jeskilz says, “raw circles, dim lights, no judges or music interruption is what C.A is all about, we re taking the dance and culture back to it’s purest form. Everyone who shows up is put on the same pedestal so it’s on you to rep and stand out.  But most of all this jam is all about having fun!” – Except from FatLaces interview with Bgirl Jeskilz – LINK HERE

Los Angeles will host the 5 Year Anniversary which will include not only the freshest cyphers to party and call suckas out but will feature three Bgirl vs Bboy exhibition battles:

• AT (Flow Mo Crew) vs Vicious Victor (MF Kids)
• Ayumi (Body Carnival) vs Keebz (Mind 180)
• Macca (360 Flava) vs Kid David (Skill Brat Renegades)

Sunday will include workshops, panel discussion, and 1 on 1 cypher master battles.

No matter what style you represent even if it’s not an event you would go to, it’s good to get out and support other styles, dancers, and events which do good for the community. You never know what you could learn.

We give big props to Cypher Adikts and especially Jeskilz for inspiring many dancers around the world like the previously mentioned Bboy Kippy. Let the cypher be more about having fun and exchanging with other dancers.