On this beautiful Sunday which also happens to be right around the time of the total eclipse of the moon I wanted to share some powerful projects I came across recently. You can watch the eclipse live on Slooh which starts at Mon, Sep 28 2015 2:00 AM CEST.

Myself, I’ve never seen one with my own eyes. This is very exciting because the forces of Nature in general appear mild on this side of the Globe (the Netherlands)  compared to other parts of the world. We don’t experience the power of Gaia a lot. Which is sometimes a blessing but can also make you ignorant.

It’s easy to forget out here where every store sells fresh fruit and vegetables, superfoods etc. we are dependent of the Sun and the Moon to provide us with the miracle of growth. In more ways than one.

To stay close to the Earthly growth and consequently your health there is a video that instantly made my list of stuff support and try out!

The opposite of what you could call abundance in a more fortunate area is the term ‘food desert’. Meaning: “Areas with limited access to nutritional foods, predominantly in low income neighbourhoods.”

It should be a basic human right to have access and maybe even exclusive access to natural and clean food. This is not the case and it does more harm than you can even begin to imagine. To witness two emcees like Styles P and Jadakiss involve themselves in a cause like Juices for Life is so powerful and will directly and indirectly affect many, in a positive way. If a human takes care of the basics. Their bodies; mind and soul will follow.

We have to remember to work from the inside out, not vice versa.

The first will give you good and permanent results the second will cheat you into thinking the same but in truth it’s only destructive. I applaud Styles P and Jadakiss to invest in a company that promotes health in a practical way.

First of course, when I hit the States next year will be the Native Foods Cafe. It’s basically vegan heaven but if you ask me it’s simply heaven for anyone that appreciates good food. Second now is Juices for Life  in Yonkers, New York City. Co founded and co-owned by Juice Lee.


I’m really clear on some things. One is: if the music touches you, if the lyrics have a purpose to teach & enlighten and if the actions of the performer resonate this, you may call it Hip Hop. If not, please in my presence call it something else. Anything else but Hip Hop. If you need reminding of how it acts then I have the perfect video for you. A project investing in green juices and healthy lifestyle. It adresses a serious issue of food deserts in the United States.

Second is my friend bboy Sonic (Denmark) who just released a video made by film-maker Pippa Samaya. Sonic will be the first to tell you he loves Hip Hop and respect the foundations but he interprets it from his own life experience and roots. Shot in beautiful Bali, he takes you with him in his world for a moment. Trust me, it is the nicest place to reside, reflect and release.

Thirdly, ever since I found a piece of a book on the internet I’ve been enchanted with the way Author Mike Dooley speaks about The Universe. The book I can really recommend to read, is called: Notes from the Universe. I signed up for the email listing over a year ago and get the most wonderful little messages to encourage me.

Cognitively you know the emails are not not designed for you but it feels like you are the only person in the entire Milky Way who received that particular advice from a rather comical and witty Source.

Mikke dooley

When I heard that Mr Dooley would give a seminar in Amsterdam called Playing the Matrix there was no doubt I was going to miss it.

Upon meeting him he had the energy of a man in his late teens, the freed body language of an excited child and the wisdom of a mystic scholar.

His work is about manifesting your goals and dreams. The best advices given that day was “to realize physical senses can’t see miracles but that does not mean they aren’t happening and to not focus on the details of your visualizations. Forget the whens, hows and wheres just imagine the end result. For every passionate person that feels like they are starting to find their path this is the advice you’ll love:

“Let your highest life priorities for change help you choose where to begin.”

Visit www.tut.com

The last one is a real treat: Bboy Chilly from Rain Crew UK is someone who once read me so clearly without having met me once. Therefore it’s people like him I pay a bit closer attention to when he shares something on social media.

Not too long ago I found a link about a book on lucid dreaming called: The beginners guide to becoming conscious in your dreams. It came a beautiful time as I had just asked Poe One in our talkshow about the importance of dreams.

I asked Chilly why he shared it and he told me this individual called Charlie Blue once hosted an event in the UK for many years called Throw Down. When I saw Frankie J during Summer Dance Forever I asked him and sure enough he also knew him and got down at his events. From what I understand Charlie was a very influential person to a lot of young kids in the Hip Hop scene. When I contacted him he sent me a video that really got me hype. If you know what drives me you, will get it:

With so many brothers and sisters around the world hurting and in situations that are indescribable we have to take responsibility for our own lives. If you have the means to take good care of yourself, to reflect on the beauty that is life then seize it, share it and savour it.

Be wonder yourself about the things you may not have been taught in school or by your surroundings but that does not make them any less true ore useful.

That’s the magic of it. Dig a little deeper and you find this culture of ours is so rich of all types of information. Take it in now! Now is the only time you’ve got.