Pictured here is P-Nut aka “The King of Fingers” best known for his finger tutting video which dropped last October by Status Silver. There have been many dancers in the past who have used finger tutting in their Popping style mostly. Yet as of recently, a wave of finger tutters have been all across YouTube, internet buzz feeds, commercials, movies, and music videos amazing people with the intricate style of dance.

For a style completely using the essence of “Tutting” but with one’s fingers it’s great to see so much exposure being given to the style. The amount of creativity seen with these finger tutters goes to show you the practice and effort it really takes to utilize shapes, patterns, finger tuts, digits, and monstas (a more advanced style).

In the game right now Finger Circus is the most well known of ‘finger tutters’ with dancers such as CTut, Jayfunk, PNut, Strobe, Nemesis, and Era. “Greasy Fingers,” a video created with Status Silver blew up over the Internet last year and continues to be shared all around the world wide web with almost 1.5 million views.

We found a few videos regarding some of the early history of Finger Tutting which may give light to some of its origins. Now remember with any interview or history, there may be someone else in the world who could have been representing the style as well so use these words as a way to research the knowledge. Here’s an interview hosted by Tiny Love from NYC.

Tiny Love an innovator in Finger Tutting explains a little more about the style

Here’s a few videos that will make your fingers wiggle a little more tonight