Written by Garrett Braithwaite

Once again, Cros1 is putting on Freestyle Session and this year’s lineup is no joke.  Some of the greatest talent from around the world is coming to the city of Angels, and they will give all they have to continue to prove that they are the best.

Freestyle Session features a variety of different kinds of battles.  This year will include 2 vs 2 All Style Battles, 1 v 1 Popping battles, and of course, breaking battles.  There’s the 2 vs 2 b-girl battles, 3 vs 3 b-boy battles, and of course the 1 vs 1 battle, for which the winner will earn another spot for the Undisputed Masters Event.

Some strong competitors are coming to this event, and it will be an event you won’t want to miss.  Here are some of the competitors that will be coming:

Russian b-boys Cheerito, Alkolil and Robin, who all competed and won the crew vs crew battles in R16 this year, will represent in the 3 vs 3 this year.  Each b-boy comes from a different crew, but they have united to win this battle.  Each of their styles is unique.  Together, they hope to emerge victorious against all other crews.

The 7 Commandoz will also be representing in the 3 vs 3 battles.  They won the Silverback Open last month and are eager to continue to show the world why they are on top of their game.  They know how to battle, they know how to work together, and they know how to win.

Other notable crews like Rock Force Crew, Knucklehead Zoo, Knuckleheads Cali and Israel’s Unstopabulls will be there.  All crews competing will have to throw down everything they have.  There is absolutely no room for child’s play.  The stakes are high and the coveted Freestyle Session rings are on everyone’s mind.

For the 1 vs 1 battles, there will be several notable b-boys competing as well.  UK’s Sunni did a tremendous job winning the 1 vs 1 at the Notorious IBE back in August.  However, after winning another qualifying battle, he will make his way to Los Angeles for another major title.

Another solid b-boy going for the title is Victor.  He won the 3 vs 3 last year with the Squadron, and now he is hoping to win one on his own.  This year has been a tremendous career-builder for him.  Being a part of this event could only add to his impressive list of recent wins.


The lineup will be large and near impossible to predict.  That being said, this event is a must to attend.  Who will the winners be?  Who will make history?  Who will stand out and represent their crews, country and style?  We’ll just have to find outNovember 14-15.