On October 22nd, in theater Korzo the Hague, SXSTV has the opportunity to view Ignite by ISH dance collective (The Netherlands). Ignite is a dance performance by upcoming talent Shailesh Bahoran. In this show, we see five of the best Dutch black underground urban dancers: Wesley Rommy, Roche Apinsa, Remses Rafaela, Eddy Vidal and Tyrone Menig, (filling in for Virgil Dey a.k.a. Skychief).

Their respective roots differentiate but their mesmerizing similar looking glow makes it seem they’re from the same mysterious longstanding tribe due to the amazing simplicity of the lighting and their costumes.

As the choreographer puts it: “These guys have such a primal  fire inside, even if they’re just sitting on the couch they still look like the Terminator”. Five sources with one anchor; the roots and power of Shailesh Bahoran.

From an interesting interview excerpt it becomes clear what Ignite is essentially all about: “It’s about the core of fire inside a human. About a hunger for more. I hope people see five men and the energy that is going on between them. Who is the leader? Who triggers the others? Who or what prompting you to want more? In the dance-language I looked at the qualities of the dancers individually and from there extracted the nucleus. At the center I put their pure form of dance.”

“Everything is energy. Our muscles tighten while the Earth is hurtling through space. Small electrical impulses shooting through our brain, yelling at our body that we want to run. The match ignites into a fierce flame. Energy is everything. “

Studio Breed

Besides his impressive career as a dancer, in recent years Shailesh has proven a passionate and talented creator. Earlier this year, he made a presentation at Urban Jungle Festival Classique, broad casted on NTR and in 2014 presented his solo Heritage which was nominated for the Dance Audience Award. By the Dutch Dance Days he was asked  to show the project Distinguished Dreams. Together with singer songwriter Marike Jager from Motel Mosaic Festival, he formed a duo. Ignite however, is his first big tour throughout the Netherlands.

Shailesh Bahoran is a versatile hip hop dancer and choreographer who is distinguished (fittingly) by his phenomenal technique, originality and expressiveness. He has solid roots in the Hip Hop culture, but is certainly not afraid to work outside of it. “Ultimately, it’s all dance” says Bahoran.

Studio Breed

These gentlemen have to create a new synergy between different duos almost every night because of the changing group formation.  Tyrone is the youngest dancer, freshly graduated from the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. He’s the understudy of the entire cast. To exemplify: Tonight he’s taking on a part of the choreography that he has learned the day prior. This explains some of the minuscule flaws in the fluidity of the piece. Nonetheless Tyrone deserves a standing ovation for the work executed.  Even a professional dancer needs a reasonable amount of time to display perfection and that’s what the majority of audience was promised and served, regardless.

Remses = equibilirium.

It has been a long time since being impressed by someone’s control because in the break world that is a given.  Remses has the potential to make any artist envious and any bboy down right jealous, even though is not one himself. The subtle and slow power moves (that demand the most skills), are more memorable and intriguing than the acrobatics itself. It should be noted that ripped pants and shirts were the ultimate exemplification of strength and energy eruptions!

The intensity coming from their dark eyes is striking and takes one away from this dimension at times.

Shailesh is able to give everyone their shine and rightful place. The piece is the prime example of movement creating energy-flow. The more they move as the music intensifies, something Rik Ronner is to thank for, the more synchronization occurs.

Energy is a natural truth-meter. If you wear yourself out you are virtually incapable of a false muscle or facial expression. You go back to the core because the reservoir is empty.

Towards the end it becomes an ocean of bliss. The stillness takes you into a seemingly meditative state and the realization comes, it might be necessary  to see Ignite twice to give it proper appreciation.

Ignite officially opened on October 1st, and will be touring until December 1st , 2016.

Appreciation goes out to Suzanne de Brock! For more information please visit: WWW.THISISISH.COM