On the morning of April 26, the third public rehearsal day of Creatures took place. ISH Collective (led by Marco Gerris) and the Ballet Orchestra (led by Jan Pieter Koch and Joris Nassenstein) let the press take a sneak peek of the show while it’s being prepared for perfection.

This is a family show premiering on May 14th. It features a unique collaboration involving 45 classical musicians and 10 hip hop dancers who share the stage at the spectacular scenery of the Westergas-factory in Amsterdam.


If you loved Narnia, you will adore Creatures. Nothing beats real instrumentation. If you hear but one violin while looking at at a headspin: all bets are off.

Something intriguing is going on in this show: the musicians are actual participants in the piece. This intensifies everything. Movement simply does that. However for the orchestra it is a real challenge since normally every player has a certain seat to reach the utmost harmony. It’s unimaginable how it must feel to the trained ear of a musician to let everybody play at different positions.

In the end, there is no question all of them will be better for it. If you learn more about your body and sharpen your skills in a unusual way you must somehow advance on your craft in general.

Additionally during the final production there will be no director involved! That is pushing the envelope; very brave and ambitious.

Responsible for this aspect of Creatures, are composer Jan Pieter Koch and director Joris Nassenstein. When the orchestra first starts to play you will shiffer. It’s something inside of you that recognizes a vibration you have been missing or needing to hear.

by Studio Breed

Marco Gerris is a genuine professional. He holds empathy, patience and vision while directing the orchestra and the dancers. During rehearsal his warm but firm voice says:  “Everything in favor of the collective.”

The interaction between him, Jan Pieter and Joris is a sight in itself. Three creative minds coming together to express a narrative of epic proportions. 500 million years of evolution is not the simplest scenario to execute. Creatures is about two loving beings who lose sight of each other during the evolution of the Earth. The adventurous quest for one another reaches to the most remote corners of the planet: the darkest depths of the ocean to the endless blue sky. In this show the world of Hip Hop, break and acrobatics emerge with that of the classical symphony orchestra. Expect a touch of magic through the Designs and costumes from Dieuweke of Reij and the Lighting Design from Mike den Ottolander.

Creatures will premiere on May 14, 2016 and is to be seen until May 22 exclusively at Zuiveringshal (West) at theWestergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The show is for all ages and a great introduction with Hip Hop dance and classical music. Tickets are available through www.ntk.nl


ISH Dance Collective

Over the past 15 years ISH brings theatrical skills from the streets to the stages of many theaters. Here, various street artists connect themselves with established art forms. From beat box to opera and break to ballet. This ‘cross-over’ is the artistic signature of director Marco Gerris since day one.


Abdelhadi Baaddi
Shailesh Bahoran
Gil Gomes
Micka Karlsson
Sarita Keilman
Thomas Krikken
Arnold Put
Joella Ramos
Carl Refos
Romain Touron


The Ballet Orchestra connects music and dance for an enchanting experience: from classical ballet to modern dance, from music education to skill development. This year it celebrates its 50th anniversary. The orchestra is the permanent partner of the National Ballet and the Dutch Dance Theatre.


Sat May 14 | 16:00 and 20:00 (Premiere)

Sun 15 May | 13:30 and 16:00

Sat May 21 | 16:00 and 19:30

as May 22 | 13:30 and 16:00



Note: The show is looking for production volunteers. Click here for more information!

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