It’s no secret Justin Bieber has always been a fan of incredible dancing as he himself has put in work to learn some fundamentals. Bieber has always showcased and hired some of the best talent in the world for not only his choreography and tours but music videos, performances, and more. Nick Demoura has been a big part of Justin’s image when it comes to dance.

Now with the release of his latest album, “Purpose,” Bieber is going all-out premiering 13 videos all showcasing his new music and promoting some of the freshest dancers around the world. Yes!! It’s great to see an artist as big as Bieber showing love to dancers of all backgrounds and styles, but this should’t come as a surprise when he connected with Jon M. Chu (Step Up 3D; The LXD) for his concert movie a few years back.

In the Purpose videos the dance influence is strong from all styles including choreography, Krump, Contemporary, Hip Hop, PolySwag, Popping, and others. Dancers such as JBlaze, Request Dance Crew, The Ruggeds, CJ Salvador, Keone and Mari Madrid, Tight Eyez, Parris Goebel, Ian Eastwood, Simrin Player, Taylor Knight, Logan Riley, Marissa Heart, Samaria Barnes, Pauline Mata, and many more!

Check the playlist of videos and tell us who you see! Big shout out to Justin and his team for putting these amazing dancers to work. We wish nothing but success to Bieber on his new album and to all the dancers involved in the new videos!

  1. Mark My Words – Simrin Player, Taylor Knight, Logan Riley, Marissa Heart, Samaria Barnes, and Pauline Mata

2. I’ll Show You

3. What Do You Mean? – Request Dance Crew

4. Sorry – Request Dance Crew

5. Love Yourself – Keone and Mari Madrid

6. Company – Shaun Evaristo, Parris Goebel, Lyla Beniga, Royal Family

7. No Pressure – Ian Eastwood, Megan Batoon

8. No Sense – The Royal Family

9. The Feeling -Tight Eyez, various other Krumpers

10. Life Is Worth Living – Emma Potner,  Patrick Cook

11. Where Are U Now – Justin Bieber Dancers, The Ruggeds

12. Children – so many dope kids!

13. Purpose – Simrin Player, Taylor Knight, Logan Riley, Marissa Heart, Samaria Barnes, and Pauline Mata