Fluidity is my thing. I think I am the earthbound mermaid. If there were a way to describe the way I dance — I have a lightness to my movement and sometimes it is as if my feet don’t even touch the ground,” says Marjory Smarth when asked about the way she dances.

The dance community unites itself to keep Marjory’s fire and passion burning as she seeks treatment to fight cancer spreading throughout her body. “She is at WAR and it’s time for YOU to join the fight. Marjory will be doing the holistic approach to treating her cancer. She will need to immediately go to Usha Healing Village located in La Ceiba, Honduras to be treated by Dr. Sebi,” according to the ONLINE FUNDRAISING 4 MARJORY SMARTH.

An inspirational leader in the dance community through Hip Hop, House, and many other styles, Smarth’s original roots from Haiti and her transition to New York give her a wide variety of musical knowledge, dance styles, and eventual path in freedom of expression. “I’m inspired by anything and everything in life in general. Everybody who’s willing to try to find their essence, their purest self, ya know anyone who’s willing to soul search in any way, inspires me,” says Smarth in a sit down interview with BJ Piggo.

Hip-hop being one of her favorite rhythms to express herself, she attended many street jams and engaged in battles. Marjory, like most of the early hip-hop dancers, took her skills from the streets and continued to develop in the club scene. In the late 1980s, she started dancing professionally with various music artists, including Diana Ross, Heavy D and CeCe Peniston, among others,” according to her Broadway Dance Centre profile. 

Many will tell you the spirit, character, and positive energy of Marjory lives beyond the incredible talent she possesses as a dancer. As a community we need not only spread this fundraising and help donate where we can but we must honor and respect what pioneers and influencers like Marjory have done to be where we are today. 

Previous to her cancer returning, Smarth survived cancer near 2011 and dance once again helped her move forward. Here’s a previous interview talking about her survival and the dance community coming together.


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