“Born and raised in New York City, Princess Lockeroo is a multi-faceted performance artist, with talents encompassing choreography and artistic direction & music production for stage and film, costume and makeup design. This dynamic diva, has been an advocate of bringing the popular and expressive 1970s disco era dance style Waacking back into the spotlight.

A student of the Legendary Soul Train Dancer Tyrone Proctor, Princess Lockerooo is a Waacking Specialist and emphasizes the freestyle element of the dance which encourages the development of each individual dancer to become a living embodiment of music,” according to her faculty profile at Broadway Dance Center in New York City.

‘Dynamic Diva’ is one way of definitely explaining the essence of Princess Lockeroo’s being. Having performed on So You Think You Can Dance Season 8, Icona Pop, Wendy Williams Show, Dance For Madonna, and traveled the world spreading her essence to crowds of all types, Lockeroo continues to share her progression through music, dance, and life. 

The progression is seen in the video below from a recent judges showcase from Queen of Disco Vol. 1 in Singapore where Lockeroo absolutely embodies the music and showcases the entertaining aspect of how dance can literally describe music to the eyes! Lockeroo continues to inspire all types of dancers and artists around the world through teaching, performance, and innovating new ways to share the influence of her dance. 

PRINCESS LOCKEROO BROADWAY DANCE CENTER: http://www.broadwaydancecenter.com/faculty/bios/lockerooo_princess.shtml