hhi 2014

Don “Campbellock” Campbell | Interview Feature | @FunkeysClothing | #HHI2014 #SXTSV

We had the chance to sit down with Don “Campbellock” Campbell the creator of Locking. The funky innovator gave us some history on how it started, some inspirational advice on life, and what it’s like to see dancers from all over the world locking. For more information on Don Campbell’s History see: http://www.thelockersdance.com/main.html Funkeys Clothing: …

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Extreme Vision (Harare, Zimbabwe) | Interview Feature | #HHI2014 | #SXSTV

If you could spend but a few moments with us, Step x Step, and hear the stories we are able to hear you would be inspired to do better. One of those groups, Extreme Vision, are more than just a crew of dancers but family and inspirational leaders for their community and country. The amount …

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