If you could spend but a few moments with us, Step x Step, and hear the stories we are able to hear you would be inspired to do better. One of those groups, Extreme Vision, are more than just a crew of dancers but family and inspirational leaders for their community and country.

The amount of sacrifice they give to make it from their country to Las Vegas spending 2 minutes on stage truly empowers those of us who have it right in front of us every day. Extreme Vision can share with you stories and stories of overcoming numerous odds to reach their dreams.

We were able to capture moments with them speaking about being at HHI, meeting Ian Eastwood, and simply enjoying the moments they were living in. The incredible stories of their journey, their influence back home, and future plans to motivate others will give you a sense of appreciation why this dance is more than dance…IT’S LIFE!

EXDC said it best themselves, “From the ghettos of Chitungwiza and very humble backgrounds. Striving to find a voice so we could be heard. Fighting to make it with the only way we knew how ‘dance’. We told our stories, we rose from the ashes, we built a name, we traveled overseas…but did we lose ourselves along the way? Did fame and glory get to our head and did we forget who we are?

We were birthed with the EXTREME VISION to be a light, to set an example and give hope to the youth of Zimbabwe. That is why we exist. To those who follow us and love us and those who have recently come to know about us, this is our story. We will keep you updated on the next chapter of our journey. Thank you for your support.”

Thank you to Peter, Julia, and Ian Eastwood. Thank you Lesley Wiebe and Adonis! Thank you to Let’s Give Them Hope!

Extreme Vision: