Ammo Ready. Rounds Set. Kill Off. Now you might think it’s a little aggressive or you may even think this is military defense terminology, but we’ll tell you that battle mode is something very key in the Krump world.  And One Round Crew is set to host their annual Krump battle, exhibition, workshops, and call out event coming this weekend in Las Vegas.

If we are talking contest battles then we are talking All Styles, Open Styles, Popping, and other styles. But when it comes to Krump battles, they are raw beyond any rawness of the previously mentioned styles. You could say out of all the styles which show real heart and passion, Krump has taken the wheel in the street dance community.

The annual event is not only growing in numbers but growing in reputation as a must-attend event for more than just the Krump community. If you have followed our channel, you will have seen some of the battles featured in the competition as well as call outs, Tight Eyez getting buck, and cypher prelims.

One Round Crew brings you another…

The ARK: art of RAW Krump & EBS USA QUALIFIER!

Featured Guests:
Tight Eyez & Mijo, Creators of Krump

Friday Tournament Day:
Location: The Factory Dance Academy
Doors open: 6pm
Tournament starts: 7pm
Prelims | Top 16 | Top 8
Call Out Battles

Saturday Main Day
Location: Valley Bible Fellowship
Doors open: 5:30pm
Event starts: 6pm
Main Event Battles
Top 4 | Finals of the Tournament

Sunday Workshop
Location: The Factory Dance Academy
Mijo : 2:00pm-4:00pm
Tight Eyez: 5:00pm-7:00pm
After Session: 8:00pm-11pm