It’s the most wonderful time of the year…yes, that means the holidays, the magical feeling of the season, and of course, Red Bull BC One Finals coming next week. Step x Step will be traveling to Japan for the next week to take in the culture, the dance community, and cover the prestigious breaking finals in Nagoya.

“On December 3, the World Final is returning to Japan, this time in the incredible city of Nagoya, the country’s third largest city and a bustling hub for Hip Hop. Sixteen of the best B-Boys on the planet will go head-to-head in knockout battles to determine who will be the one. The event will be broadcast live on Red Bull TV,” says BC One.

Established as one of the top breaking (breakdance) competitions since 2004, Red Bull BC One brings together competing dancers from all around the world including North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, and South America. Last years champion, Victor (Orlando, Florida/Squadron) will try to make history by becoming the first competitor to win back to back championships. Only Hong 10 and Lilou have won multiple Red Bull BC One championships both were years apart.

“This year, BC One held camps around the world featured traditional cyphers. It no longer held the six regional finals from previous years. Camps were held in Austria, France, South Africa, Italy, Japan, and Ukraine. The winners of each cypher competed in a Last Chance Cypher to qualify to the World Finals. The winners of Last Chance Cypher will battle in Nagoya alongside fifteen Wild Card entries, chosen by an international team of B-Boy experts on Friday, December 2nd,” says

The 15 finalists so far include: Victor (USA); Taisuke (Japan), Issei (Japan), Kleju (Poland), Kid Colombia (Netherlands); Cheerito (Russia); Sunni (UK); Hong Ten (Korea); Soso; Lil Zoo (Morocco); Focus (Finland); Bruce Almighty (Portugal); Benstacks (USA); Neguin (Brazil); Kuzya (Ukraine); and one more to be determined at the Last Chance Cypher next Friday.

Red Bull BC One was founded in 2004 in Biel, Switzerland. Over the years, the championship has moved from Germany to Brazil, South Africa, France, the USA, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Italy. Today it remains a key event in Hip Hop culture, helping to push the culture forward while respecting the original format of one-on-one battles.