Even though the show is about Hip Hop, you don’t have to like Hip Hop enjoy it. It features good music, interesting history and good entertainment. When we promoted the show, we avoided calling it a “Hip Hop Show” where we could. We want people to come because they are interested in Music | History | Dance, regardless of genre,” says Joshua Perkins, organizer of the show and founder of The Bboy Federation.

After a successful inaugural show in 2014, They Reminisce returns for another year bringing the history of Hip Hop to the stage through music, art, and dance. The two-night show will return to Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center where performers from last year will take the stage as well as new faces from the dance, art, and music community. 

In the beginning…there was the DJ and the music. Without these 2 things Hip Hop and its dances would not exist. They Reminisce is an examination of the evolution of Hip Hop dances. Bboying, Popping, Locking, New Jack, House and Choreo. Join us as we look back over 3 Eras of Hip Hop and see how the dance has grown, changed and evolved,says The Bboy Federation via their YouTube.

They Reminisce brings together some of Utah’s most talented Choreographers & Dancers. We took our choreographers and presented them with a question. If you could choose your top dancers for a piece, what could you create? The goal was to give them the tools they needed to produce choreo with no compromises. We believed that by providing the best talent possible that our choreographers would create incredible and unique content, states They Reminisce.

Rose Wagner
Jeanne Wagner Theater
138 w. 300 s.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

February 6:
5:00 pm | Open Cyphers (DJ Street Jesus)
7:00 pm | Theater Doors

February 7:
12:00 pm | Open Cyphers (DJ Nosy-T)
1:00 pm | Theater Doors

5:00 pm | Open Cyphers (DJ Nosy-T)
7:00 pm | Theater Doors

The biggest thing about the show to me is that it is done entirely by our community. We wrote, choreographed, produced and star in it. Wrote our own grants and raised our own money. I think that’s a big deal, says Perkins about They Reminisce.