A USC Business School Alumni who dances, sings, and empowers positivity in numerous ways, Sorah Yang creates breathtaking choreography and captivate audiences through different mediums. With the release of her latest choreography video to Aaliyah’s “One in a Million,” Yang’s use of smooth transitions, brisk movement, and fluid use of musicality exhibits continued growth empowering viewers to grow in their movements as well. 

One comment from Andrei Miasco gives us an example of the previously mentioned empowerment. “This is the very first piece I learned from Sorah, she is an amazing teacher and I haven’t forgotten a single move since the workshop. Seeing new videos like this, especially from her push me to keep working! Amazingg,” said Miasco. 

The GRV Alumni even states herself the piece is “Something a little different featuring two amazing dancers who have always stood out to me for their individuality, versatility, and strength.” Adding to her repertoire of movement from hard and quick to smooth, quick, and fluid, Yangs performance give us a visual diary of what she’s inspired by in the current moment and where her growth is taking her as an artist. 

Recognizing the importance of having knowledge in many aspects of life, Yangs background in education and vocal performance combined with her dancing ability gives the dance world even more empowerment to take all aspects of our own lives into our artistic goals!

Educate. Train. Learn. Grow.