Fabulous. Spectacular. Dramatic. These are only a few words to explain what happens every August in the City of Angels at Waackfest/Angel City Ball. Runway costumes, waacking battles, beast in heels, punking dramatics, and vogue elements along with fierce performances make up the fabric of Waackfest/Angel City Ball in Los Angeles each year.

The week of events started with performances at the world famous, Canival: Choreographer’s Ball at Avalon Hollywood with Kumari Suraj & Dashaun Wesley and a surprise guest show from recoding artist and dancer, Mya. Dancers participating in the week of events for Waackfest 2014 had the opportunity to dance with Mya at Carnival as well as Angel City Ball, where the “Ghetto Superstar” artist performed as well.

A special tribute and dedication of the event was given to the late Dallace Ziegler, who passed on to the next life earlier this year! For 20 plus years Ziegler paved the way through many of the styles showcased at Waackfest in the industry and culture including the hustle, waacking, posing, and more. Dallace kept very involved with the event and dancers as she is remembered for her energetic, loving spirit! 

myathecarnival(Photo Credit: Pacific Rim Photo Press:LINK)

Continuing the energy from Carnival, Waackfest workshops brought together dancers from all around taking classes with Archie Burnett (Hustle), Kumari Suraj (Waacking & Choreo) Deshawn Lanvin (Vogue Femme), Mercury Xtravaganza (Beast in Heels), and Viktor Manoel (Beast in Heels; Punking Dramatics). Workshops were held at IDA Hollywood and according the event organizers, “THE ENERGY WAS PHENOMENAL!!!”

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Adding to the enthusiasm and pizazz from performances and workshops, Waackfest proceeded forth with another annual event named, “Gino’s III World Wide Party.” DJs George Flashback and John Torres rocked the speakers with Underground Disco and New Wave classics for all the Waackfest dancers and supporters.

Ema Jayne Park added about the event, “Just wanted to pop a little note in here to say a massive THANK YOU to the amazing Gino’s III team and to all of the wonderful people who make us visitors feel so genuinely welcome… it’s a beautiful thing!! Thank you for sharing your world with us on Saturday.”


Finishing off the fabulous week of Waackfest 2014 included the Angel City Ball aka “Mt. Olympus” with events such as Runway costumes, waacking battle, beast in heels, sex siren, punking dramatics, and vogue elements. With a panel of legendary dance experience the event tapped Archie Burnett, Jody Watley, Viktor Manoel, Tricia Miranda, Andye J, Dashaun Wesley, and Darrell Bullock as your 2014 Waackfest judges.

Here’s some photos from Sthanlee B. Mirador (PRPP)

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To cap off an amazing night and week, American R&B recording artist and performer, Miss Mya brought the energy performing songs like “Ghetto Superstar,” “Ponytail,” and other hit songs!.Mya included a number of dancers involved with the event showcasing the very styles Waackfest 2014 celebrated. Kumari also choreographed, directed, and styled both Mya’s performances.



Waackfest is a celebration of every aspect of art and life. A place to destroy the global bullying and self doubt that holds artists down while adventurously and courageously creating self expression and awareness through music art fashion dance story telling and unity. Bridging multiple generations from the 70s till today. Waackfest is the true essence of what it means to feel alive,” said Kumari Suraj, host, creator, producer, organizer, and promoter of the entire Waackfest festival 2014.

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