Think of the most ridiculous clothes white people wear. Now think of the 80’s and all the crazy colors people wore. Finally think of all the stereotypes that go with white people trying to dance at clubs, in the street, or basically anywhere you can think of. Totally awesome, right?!

Additionally, take four of the hottest poppers in the world performing some awkward dance moves then transforming into some of the freshest robotting style moves. Originally the idea had Madd Chad (Step Up 3D) and Popping John (Soulbotics Krew) acting a fool like two white boys who tried to get down then mutate to incredible robot moves.

In response to Madd Chad and Popping John’s video, Jaja Vankova (I Am Me Crew) and Marie Poppins (Style Elements Crew) decided to put their own twist and call out the boys in their video below. 

Following both individual videos, it was bound to happen Popping John and Madd Chad versus Marie Poppins and Jaja Vankova, which right off the bat sounds EPIC, in a battle of terrible dance moves. Then things heat up and the real dancing comes out! TOTALLY AWESOME! 

You think the battle would have ended their in the parking lot with the pink Delorean but NOPE! Jaja and Marie have now included two white kids, Bgirl Goldirox and Phoenix Lil’Mini, in the video series. So now we shall wait to see what Chad and John do. Stay updated and stay AWESOME.