To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Rhythm Nation World Tour in 2015, renowned choreographer Anthony Thomas is working with a team of creative collaborators to conceive and produce a dynamic and exciting dance tribute to the music of Janet Jackson.

In 2008 Anthony Thomas, along with some of the entertainment industry’s elite dancers, performed at a sold out event called, The Choreographers Ball a.k.a. “Carnival”. It was Anthony’s first time performing “Rhythm Nation” since the Rhythm Nation World Tour in 1990, and it was the night that Janet Jackson tearfully and excitedly sat in the audience and watched her choreographer take command of the stage and receive an overwhelming ovation.

It was during the groups 2 week rehearsal process that Anthony was inspired to write ideas to create a production dance show called, Anthony Thomas’ “Rhythm Nation Experience” based on the music, his choreography and message of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 album and world tour. In 2010 Anthony was joined by his creative partner, John Featherstone of Lightswitch Inc, who also served as the lighting director for the Rhythm Nation world tour, to help bring Anthony Thomas’ Rhythm Nation Experience to its highest potential.

This production, cast with world class dancers and starring Anthony, will celebrate his influential work and also expand his reach with new, fresh and game changing dance pieces. The show will delight hard core dance aficionados, excite fans of Janet’s music and energize even the most casual audience member – in short, it will be a new ‘high bar’ for dance productions.

Likened by many to Alvin Ailey and Bob Fosse, Anthony Thomas is a dance pioneer, visionary and international master teacher. It’s evident to anyone who has met him that he is much more comfortable in the role of dream maker than being known as ‘The man that changed the face of hip hop’. His innovative gift of versatility and physical rhythm earned him an honored place in music history when he combined popping and locking for the first time. The marriage of these two forms of street dance changed the direction of hip-hop and created a standard for contemporary dance unmatched since Rhythm Nation…25 years ago.

As a first step in this process, we are fundraising to stage a workshop production to give producers, promoters and theatrical investors a glimpse of the potential and to showcase this exciting new production, and we need YOUR help! Our hearts desire is to give this generation a look at what helped shape pop music culture as one of the most important and iconic record projects of all time. Your funding supports production costs, cast fees, lighting, sound and visual design costs. Studio rental costs, dance studios and event facility wardrobe costs, travel and lodging for U.S. (out of town), international performers and technical crews. Any funds that exceed our goal will go towards any additional showcases or performances that will lead to securing a full investment to produce a tour production of Anthony Thomas’ Rhythm Nation Experience 25 Anniversary World Tour.

More than a 25 year anniversary celebration it’s a wake up call and a reminder in times of injustice, fears, uncertainty and confusion that a movement with the Rhythm Nation message continues to grow world wide. This message of peace, unity, hope and equality through poetry, music and dance is still a powerful belief of all Rhythm Nation followers, wouldn’t you want to support and experience something like that? Moreover, Anthony Thomas’ Rhythm Nation Experience has the ability to create job opportunities for some of the most talented dancers from around the world.

Please be a part of celebrating this incredible tour and bringing Anthony’s beloved choreography back to a stage near you….and don’t YOU want to see what Anthony can come up with 25 years on?!