During Summer Dance Forever 2014 I had the pleasure of interviewing Frankie Johnson. A vivid supporter and believer of John Agesilas’  event.  Last edition he was performing with Soul Footwork Collective and of course entering the competition as well.

Spiritual Street Sessions is something I’m so excited about. All of these talented individuals like Frankie, have their own philosophy on life and the way they execute their passion. It is so important to address those subjects to motivate another person to excel and gain a broader perspective.

In Part 2 Frankie is explaining his color experiences more in depth, he updates us about the Trocadero (London) aftermath, has some valuable insight when it comes to traveling and shares the most important advice for any child, anywhere in the world. Plus Frankie got a surprise of his own by no one other than Mamson (France)!

-You can now enjoy part 1 and 2 together-

Frankie J is, who is most known for his house dance is in fact an  allround dancer residing in London. His blend of styles from Ballet to Hip Hop as well as the beautiful blend of his roots- that is part of his identity-turn him into a force to be reckoned with. That, and a little something called synesthesia….. Watch and find out more!

Frankie J is part of
-Fiya House
-Soul Footwork Collective

Interview and video by Stefani Sarah
Email: moxysxs@gmail.com

For inquiries: frankie-jplague@outlook.com
Facebook: Frankie Johnson

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