There have been a few names over the course of this 2014 year making a strong impact in the dance world which have also extended their reach to the public’s eye. Thanks to social media networks and the ability to share exciting content, Matt Steffanina has recently been at the forefront of this social media blitz with his choreography both performing the choreo and highlighting younger dancers killing it! 

Having moved to the West Coast in 2010 from Virginia, Steffanina dove right into the thick of LA’s opportunities through performing for A-class recording artists (Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes), shooting online tutorials with Dance Tutorials Live, choreographing at two of the world’s best dance studios, and dancing on shows like SYTYCD and The Tonight Show. As we mentioned above, Matt continues to improve his brand through extensive social media impact via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook while teaching “Business for dancers” program through IDA in Hollywood.

Since it’s the day after his Birthday, we wanted to give a quick feature on Matt. Make sure to follow his journey if you already haven’t!