Tee-Jay, Heat Squad/ FootWorKingz, spent some time with Step x Step in Las Vegas to shoot his latest concept video to “Worldwide Choppers” Tech N9ne. Tee-Jay continues to spread the influence of the Footworkin,’ a style founded in Chicago which combines a number of lower body movement styles including House, Juke, Breaking, and many more. 

“Footworkin’ is an extremely energized, lower body movement that evolved as a response to House and Juke (a highly sped up House sound up to 160bpm) music. The Chicago Tribune has described it as “part tap, African tribal, and breaking.” ‘This style has been around for over twenty years and we want it to be exposed in the mainstream and all over the world,’ says King Charles, according to FootworKINgz website. 

Known as “the pride of Chicago’s westside,” Tee-Jay Johnson joined FootworKINGz with the likes of King Charles and Prince Jron on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 as well as many other exciting projects! Tee-Jay dances as well with another footwork group from Chicago called, “Heat Squad.” His influence in the footwork style and in the dance scene of Chicago continues to be a positive one. 

Filmed and Edited by:
Tamasi Avei