These last few weeks the dutch public got to see some of our best underground dancers! Naturally people were shocked and blown out of their living room seats by the insane amount of talent, energy, and heart! Even though this is not a new fact to us at SXSTV, we must highlight some of these amazing performances to a broader international audience and show our love and support to them. There’s no denying Everybody Dance Now forms a great platform, however the way this show is filmed leaves much to be desired. The only rule to remember (as mentioned by Michael Jackson many a times): basically to capture physical skills the camera doesn’t really need to do much more than stay with the object- top to bottom. Commercial television is notorious for unfortunate cuts and the ‘all of the lights” effect. Then again, it makes watching the same people in a theater, cypher or battle, all the more satisfying. Let’s focus on the bigger picture which is the money price of 25000 euros! This will create new possibilities en dreams to be fulfilled. Friday February 20th are the finals and you can still vote on either Afrovibes (with miss Shakira) or Kenzo & Seun!

In this article we only highlight certain videos to point out the artists to watch for the future and / or  those having a huge impact on our  dance scene. We’ll start of gently with a really profound performance by Romario from X-gen (neXt-GENeration). A crew created by Steve AKA  DJ Veusty in April 2012 in Amsterdam, regrouping basically a whole new generation of dancers from House, Popping & Hip Hop.

The show also welcomed Ange-Michael aka Shaadow Sefiroth from the Alchemists. You might have seen him on the internet or in the flesh, dancing with his brother Kevin Oelen aka Paradox. Shaadow started in Paris with electro dance in 2009 but it was only in 2010 / 2011 that he really started “dancing” HIP HOP. Does he ever.

Then we had 44 year old young Sylvain Veldkamp. Founder of Build Ya Skillz and member of Skills Dealers Crew. Watch that headspin…. This bboy started breaking in 1982 but only started training hard around 1992 after seeing Battle Squad from Germany /Italy with Storm, Swift, Emelio and Maurizio and never stopped ever since (obviously).

We were happily surprised to see Kenzo & Seun from the Kulture Kids audition with the goal to inspire people to get up and dance themselves! This worldwide known crew the guys are part of is made up of dancers, choreographers, artists, DJ’s, beatmakers. Watch the way Kenzo embodied Michael Jackson in this one. It will have you shivering.

Last but definitly not least we have Afro Vibes! A crew of young dancers lead by Petit Bagaza from how else can it be: Africa. Something wonderous happens when African drums and dancing take over the room. It doesn’t matter where you are, the most boring event will turn into one big celebration. People you’ve never seen lift an arm to any tune will suddenly get their groove on. You cannot deny the magic of it rubbing of on any and everyone. Having met house dancer Shakira in 2012 for the first time, I’m not suprised she is aiming high and scoring big with anything she does.

Whatever is going down next friday 8.30 pm, we are so excited for either one of these acts to take the win. Plus, the real beauty is they will be equally excited for each other to win. Now that’s some realness coming through your telly!

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Written by Stefani Sarah