No thoughts, no fear, no expectations, no shame, no worries.

New beginning of life, what a journey it was now its time for living life same way I live my dance, constancy, no limitations, honesty, righteously, feel, always one with self, always myself.

My name is “Alain Lauture” those that i know for sure love me call me “Jude” and those that appreciate my art calls me “Hurrikane,” says Alain Lature. 

What a journey it has been for Alain Lauture aka “Hurrikane” from established roots in Port-au Prince, Haiti experiencing various dance styles and music at a young age. His roots would help establish his desire to seek knowledge, training, and understanding as he ventured to Connecticut around 1997. 

All these experiences would later prepare him to discover dance, the history and knowledge of culture and styles, and put him on a path to true artistry. And in the interview below you will read how Hurrikane has truly embodied what every dancer seeks to become…an artist. 

                     Where did you grow up and at what age did you discover dance? 

Well I grew up in Port-au-prince, Haiti the best child hood ever, I was a huge Kung Fu fan and Power Rangers fan then I moved to U.S December of 1997 so the other part of growing up was in Stamford, Connecticut.

I discovered dance at a very young age, I saw this guy like a block down from my house in Haiti doing waving and some fast foot work stuff and the dust was growing from his feet like smoke. It was all so amazing to me, that is probably when I fell in love with dance love at first sight but I was never brave enough to do it to approach dance.

                  Did you have any early dance or music influences?

My early dance and music influences is of course “compa,” “zouk,” and also “reggae.” For sure danced compa which was actually very hard for me, and some dance hall dances. 


   Having started dancing in 2007, which dance style primarily stood out to you at the time of this discovery?

At the time I didn’t really know many other styles of dance: break-dance, dancehall, and what hip-hop was to me at the time which is just everything into one.  But locking later stood out to me more because of Don Campbellock’s history which is like my own, we never were dancers, we fell in love with it and became dancers.
“Locking” it is truly one of the most difficult dance style for me, no dance style is easy at all but Locking is the hardest one for me.

           What was the experience like discovering dance at a later age?

I’m not sure I always loved dance and been a big fan. I did it here and there, I was just not brave enough to take it seriously until I just couldn’t stop anymore and it is all I wanted. I am as fascinated now as I was in the beginning this feeling is still with me.
As for experience it has always been something extremely hard for me, until I discovered hard work, I don’t learn slow but I don’t get things down as fast as other people. I just work really hard, it’s a very difficult process this dance adventure but when you love something you will do all you can for it.


How did you begin the influence of other styles as you trained further?

Wow! I actually have no idea, you see I was always around every style and besides FireLock, I was the only one locking in the group of friends.

My friends were mostly focusing on Popping or House, no locking, until Firelock came around. It was awesome so I had no choice but to practice other styles, haha. As a dancer I absolutely love dance as a whole so it was natural for me to fall in love with the other styles.

Were there any specific teachers or mentors guiding you?

No specific mentors or teachers, but I have amazing friends that work hard who are very honest and very open to dance seeking adventure and knowledge. I am really lucky to have such friends!
Then I started getting to know more of the older generations which was much easier to relate too because they were as hungry as we are now and kept on dancing for the love. It’s great to share and learn from them each time we get a chance too.

What was your first big break in the battle scene? as well in the industry of movies, stage, print, or TV?

Haha, I’m never a person to dwell on big breaks or successful moments because the most important is for me to keep growing and everyday is new.

One of my first Locking battles in Poland, 2010. It was an adventure! Industry wise:  “The Smirnoff Night Life Exchange Project Madonna Contest.” It was first time doing industry work and it was all underground dancers having to learn choreography.
The stigma is that freestyle dancers are not good in choreo but with the guidance of Rich and Tone, and Norman, we put on a beautiful show with choreo and freestyle. So that inspired me to take on choreography even more and even make me as a freestyler have more knowledge of moment and music.
Movies hihihi can’t tell you. But I don’t mix dance and acting together not yet, in time.

Most dancers know you for your expertise and fascinating talent in Locking. Do you feel Locking has more popularity outside the US, and if so, what can be done to motivate dancers with the style?

Locking I feel has more popularity in outside of the U.S. You see for me dancers outside of the U.S. are more appreciative of street dance. Many students of dance in U.S. I feel like they have it here at home and they take it for granted, so it’s not just locking, its all the street style.

There are many, not every, but more dancers in this big U.S. that claim street dance or ‘’urban dance” but none can tell you the difference between Popping and Locking, or Dancehall and ‘’’Twerking, lol. But if you go any where in the world most will tell you the difference because they care for knowledge of what there doing.

I just feel like U.S. kids care more about the quick fame and YouTube hits than they do of the dance. Don’t want to feel like I’m judging but blah, at the same time I don’t really blame them.

I’m used to living in Connecticut which I had no idea of different street dance style or knowledge of the creators or pioneers of street dance, but at the same time I seeked and searched. I loved it so I wanted knowledge, maybe that is just the Haitian in me if I can do it they can as well.

Locking is just a whole other beast you have too many pioneers and older generation that are telling this kids they cant do this and that, or this is wrong blah blah, that is killingLlocking especially for innovation.

As a dancer you must be strong to know why in the first place you dance, don’t let anyone tell you why you dance, and how to dance. Just please do you homework, do your research, and your growing process will be that much better. Your dance will be more worth it because you gave it that much work and that much time and effort.

Like Popping and Dub-Step right?! You have this kids that learn popping and they want to do a bit more waving, or tutting, or more things in their popping, but you have people that are telling them that this is not popping. So they are like you know what well I’m Dubstepping, can you blame them though?!

Be strong y’all as selfish as it sounds dance for you but respect what ever dance style that it is that you decide to do and do your research, and get the knowledge. Street dance is already not respected by other dance communities we must be the ones to respect it first!

What’s been your favorite moments in a battle?

Favorite battle for sure is any time against Firelock, hahaha. But really one of my all time favorite is vs Junior Boogie, he is one of the Hip Hop dancers that really inspired me, so in the battle it was more of an exchange. We allowed each other to be the inspiration we watch; we enjoyed; we learned from each other in the moment and it made out get down better each round. It was a great experience.

On your Facebook page you talk about gaining knowledge and training in dance, how important is gaining knowledge in these dance styles? And what advice would you give to dancers in doing so?

Try to dance with no question first and grow then start asking question once you start to understand the dance and your own movements.Then start doing knowledge and research from those that were there and start asking questions. Just dance for me every one should experience dance before any style then go seek style, steps and party dances.

Have the knowledge everything will make sense to you and since you have the knowledge of your self, it will be easier to understand their (OGs) knowledge even more.

Train, train and train more! First find out what works for you, me and my friends have this rule is “don’t ever be comfortable” no matter where you at. You are not good enough its ok to understand your at a good point but don’t ever get comfortable and think that is it. Keep training keep growing always a student.

As for dance style, I always hear people especially in the industries classifying the styles as foundation style, even many underground dancers who have the knowledge. Well that is really wrong because all of these dances from Locking, popping, house, or voguing even the new dances flexing, lite feet and Turfing all those dances are a style a completely different style from the next.

All have their own foundations, cultures, and lifestyle. To tell you the truth all of them, Krump has its culture, Hip-hop different culture, Jooking different culture, all of these dances.

Experience those dance styles and understand them so you will start to understand certain movements are the way they are and why do they do them. Don’t think, “ok I’m gonna learn the foundations and boom I got the dance down!” Maybe that is possible but, for example I am able to do many styles, at some point in the journey I was actually living those styles and I was involved in the culture so I gained the feeling and/or understanding.
That is very important for me for sure.

Aside from dance, are there any hobbies of interest or anything which inspires your artistry?

I enjoy and am addicted to running long-distance marathons, I love it! Also I love art such as drawing and painting; I love knowledge, I love learning especially of earth, nature, and energy. And fearless people inspire me a lot.

Cliché one album on an island question. You are stuck on an island with only one album to dance too, what is it?

OMG soooo mannnyyyyy aaaahhhh…
Ok 1 hmm ok… “K-os | Joyful Rebellion”

Any shout outs you would like to give

Shout out to anyone that is chasing their passion, their dream and the thing they really love, doing all they can righteously.

Thank you guys for allowing me to share myself with y’all and having an interest to get to know me a bit better, I really appreciate it.