Fusion Concept has long been over for a few weeks now yet the chatter about the battles continues to be discussed. Fusion Concept is no small event anymore, nor has it been over the course of the last few years thanks to new concept battles between some of the best dancer from around the world.

2014 set of battles also included some call outs no one expected, even though the Kefton v Tight Eyez call out battle would become the most discussed out of everything happening that evening. It was round 2 for each dancer having battled each other at last years Fusion Concept, that time Kefton/Franquey v Eyez/Grichka, where they met in the Finals.

Intensity with energy filled the room and the energy continues to be discussed on the video comments, in Facebook groups, and at events all around the world. Every one giving their two cents about who they thought ripped the beat more in their chosen style. If anything more good than bad comes from this as it inspired many dancers out their to increase their level in their own dancing!

Not only did the Kefton v Tight Eyez battle fill the room with energy but included was the final battle between Criminalz Crew members Waydi/Rochka vs Les Twins. Waydi, with Rochka at F.C., continues his musicality dominance this year with another match under his belt with beating crew members Larry and Laurent. As you can see it was tough competition for both and respect was given all around! In the end, IT’S ALL LOVE!

If you haven’t heard of Ghetto Style: Fusion Concept by now in the battle world, well do some research! Big shout out to Kanon and all those involved with Ghetto Style and Fusion Concept. We look forward to seeing more in the coming years!