By Stefani-

The Notorious IBE 2017 returns on August 4-6th. For the full program visit: WWW.THENOTORIOUSIBE.COM

Some projects speak for itself. Some people speak from the heart for others. Because it comes natural to them or because the struggles in life taught them that expression is a vital and an organic aspect of life.  Some do it through dance, some through art, sports or anything except verbal communication. Others, on the road to mastering the art of self reflection have learned to put their thoughts into words. Not merely to convey a part of their identity, image or brand, but in such a way that the observer is able to connect on another level. In a way where the foundation and vision for the words chosen, moves the masses. It takes an open mind and heart to create a greater view of life as a whole, that is of use to others. The peculiar effect tends to be, that even giving an interview to us with the aim to educate is an opportunity in disguise for ourselves to grow.

GO DEEPER was filmed at the Notorious IBE 2016 and features a wordplay on “I AM”. As a means of individual identification with the festival, 45-Live coined the slogan: “IBE IS ME”. Later on, it seemed to naturally transform into “IBE IS WE” pointing to the community experience. It got me thinking that “I be (…)” is essentially slang for saying “I am”. That in itself, is a powerful esoteric expression. From there, it was easy to formulate some interesting questions based around that very concept. Time to GO DEEPER. Since, there will -always- be something beyond what you think you know, now.

Someone that has a very powerful connection to the world around him, is Admir Mirena (bboy Admiracles, Team Shmetta BE). How else could it be, with a name like that? The Albanian born social minded and honest soldier,  speaks his mind about a few topics that aim for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Hip Hop Culture and life in general. He is not only a top level artist but a great Thinker. Combined they are an undeniable force for providing change and a formula for non stop improvement of self and the world.

Columbian living legend and underground superstar Daniel Rojas AKA SONIC (Natural Effects, DK) speaking from the heart since deep is his normal state of being. Outside of being known as the Humanoid, Sonic is also the creator of Embodied Dance Method and developed himself later in life as a Yogi. He is now over 40 years old, lives a vegan lifestyle and is one of the still active bboys of his generation who is- to this day- a fierce competitor battles around the world. Yet, the one thing you are bound to forget after meeting him is exactly that. The accomplishments instantly fade away in the presence of his intense vibe of tranquility and pure positivity.

If you are inspired and looking for an opportunity to share with these artists, you can! Sonic is co-organizing CORFU FESTIVAL in Greece, along with his beautiful wife Amber Sawyer.

“MOVE LISTEN BE (CORFU FESTIVAL) are three conscious gatherings over three weeks on the magical island of Corfu. One stage, One family, One love. Join us with meditative arts & music as we journey from the periphery to the centre, straight into our hearts, celebrating & communing with conscious community! Join for one, two or all three of these special gatherings!”

MOVE: 2nd – 6th Sept / Celebrating the Joy of Movement
LISTEN: 8th – 15th Sept / Communing through Active Listening
BE: 18th – 22nd Sep / Coming into Being

FB MOVE Event Page

Admiracles is attending Outbreak and The Notorious IBE  in Heerlen.

In a more humble but no less powerful setting he can be found at Shmetta Pro Bboy Camp on July 31st:
“After 3 successful editions, there is total upgrade for our 4th. This year our top teachers collaborated on how to make our camp even more productive so that our talents can develop faster in a short period of time, as well as their general knowledge and ability in further development of their own personality as a dancer & Bboy. The camp gives the unique opportunity to youngsters from different crews (Battle Droids, Fresh Allstars, Psychos, Flash Family, etc.) and cities to get to know each other. They build their own ties amonst each other, something we value with Team Shmetta.”

Follow Admiracles on Instagram: @admir_ts

We invite all readers to join the conversation in the comments below or on youtube by giving your thoughts on both interviews. Remember, GO DEEPER.

Interview & edit by @Stefani_Official
Filmed by @Jungle.Media