USA Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals brought another talented year of dancers from all over this nation from Boston to Washington, Orlando to San Diego, Texas to the home ground of Phoenix, Arizona. Setting the stage at Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, the events went through Junior, Varsity, Adult and Megacrew divisions bringing three winners to each who would represent the USA at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

As always big ups to all who competed from all over the US and represented their family, friends, crews, studios, and styles! Takes a lot of sacrifice and effort to train, travel, and compete at events, but most importantly is to represent the culture, dance, and your family/friends!

Here’s the list of winners and a recap from all divisions

Junior & Varsity | USA Hip Hop Dance Finals 2017 | #HHI2017 | #SXSTV

Gold – Troublemakers (Pasadena)
Silver – Mighty Shock (San Diego)
Bronze – Playground (Las Vegas)

Gold -TLxWC (West Covina)
Silver – ill Habits (San Diego)
Bronze – Kaba Kids (Irvine)

Gold – S-Rank (Los Angeles)
Silver – Exiles (Coolidge, AZ)
Bronze – Miniotics (Whittier, CA)

Gold – The Drop Fam (Tucson, AZ)
Silver – Elektrolytes (Gilbert, AZ)
Bronze – The Jukebox Fam (Mesa, AZ)