One of the first crews we had the opportunity to meet at our first HHI experience in 2011 was a crew from Ireland.Reaching out to a couple Irish crews through Facebook and email, I had started to build a great friendship with these dancers by interviewing these teams about their experiences. Then in Las Vegas at the HHI championships finally had the chance to meet and dance with these individuals.

One thing which always captivates us about these crews from all around the world are the sacrifices they make every year both at their qualifier and making their way to Las Vegas. Ireland always establishes itself with incredible talent from a number of different styles, and their hearts are always in the dance. Just as the Irish are proud to be Irish, Irish dancers are proud to be Irish street dancers!

It’s seems this years Irish crews are majority of females displaying all  different types of styles. You can see below some of the crews who competed. Even though you see influence of other HHI crews with some of the competing, these Irish crews are bringing their own fire and swag to the stage.