Continuing our series on previewing Hip Hop International World’s qualifiers we stay in the Americas traveling to Panama. Adding unique cultural styles of Central America and the influence of Latin dance styles, the crews also added other styles in choreography, popping, locking, Hip Hop, and waacking.

Some of the stand out crews included Panama All Stars Megacrew who added a very natural vibe with couple choreography, clean transitions, and a variety of styles. It never seemed like they were pushing to transition styles so quickly, they allowed the vibe to just happen. Another crew stand out was Adult division team, “Let’s Go.” Compared with other crews from all the divisions, Let’s Go brought some great energy mixed with solid foundation of breaking and popping.

Overall, Panama has some major steps to climb if they want to represent on a larger scale at HHI, but they have all the right tools to make that happen. Possessing the key elements of foundation mixed with energetic performance can really help HHI Panama crews make a splash in the water at HHI Finals. Look forward to seeing more from this unique country and what they can bring to Las Vegas this year.

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