DJ Soulrane is stepping out again via Soundcloud & Mixcloud with a new house music collaboration with Shinobi Jaxx out of San Francisco. From deep house to soulful grooves, “House of Jaxx” a three-part series thus far, gives you a magical journey of sounds ready to get your head, shoulders, knees, and toes moving.

Soulrane says, “Part seven in the series from yours truly on the wheels of steel along my colleague, Shinobi Jaxx (Bay Area, CA.). This mix series was created to assist in her methods of teaching House Dance to her students – and we are almost to volume ten! We’re not done yet! Enjoy the vibes.”

Shinobi Jaxx, director of “Mix’d Ingredients Dance,” is a woman of many accomplishments in and outside the dance community so it’s no wonder her imagination and creativity combining with Soulrane’s experience in digging the crates produced such an amazing product.

Check out the mix below! and make sure to:

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