They say starting the new year with resolutions ends even before the first month is over. Well when it comes to the dance community, new years resolutions are an every day task to get better. For the Red Bull BC One All Stars they are constantly on the go, even from just competing BC One Finals 2016 in Nagoya, Japan.

Training in Las Vegas for World of Dance show, competing as Super Crew, Hong 10, Lil G, Taisuke, and Neguin took their knowledge to Distrct Arts teaching a sold-out class of bboys and bgirls.

Neguin started off the event by teaching fundamental movements from kicks to spins to musicality. You can see his kicks fundamentals below. Lil G brought his power move expertise by teaching repetition and continual training from mistakes. Taisuke, best known for his floor work style, taught variance in freezes and floor movement. Finally, Hong 10 brought his top rock style know how pushing the students to find their style even more.