This week Creation Global is celebrating their 16th Anniversary educating the world on the style and culture of Chicago Footwork. King Charles, one of the founding members of the rapidly expanding worldwide organization (LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Japan, Arizona), travels the world looking to spread the true history of Chicago Footwork among other styles of dance applied with footwork. He explains more research can be done to learn about the style through searching “Creation Global” or Boo Dilla, Legendary Zee, King Kemo, and more.

Being 3rd Generation Chicago Footwork, Charles dives into some quick history on the style originating from Chicago’s Westside. With roots in House music and dance helping spread to New York, London, and Detroit, the evolution of Chicago Footwork spread not only through but music as well.

King Charles also celebrating a birthday, we decided to piece together some clips from previous events where we captured the founder of Creation Global. Also included are other clips from Creation Global from the crew and other media.