By Stefani- This week the highly anticipated premiere of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will be performed at the National Opera & Ballet!

If there are any names a foreigner must know about the Dutch dance scene it would have to be the National Ballet and ISH. Sure, style wise, if you are purist they are worlds apart but both companies only attract and work with the very best.
I’ve had the pleasure of peeking at some classes of the National Ballet while working at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. It was very profound and made a great impact on me to see young people so focused and dedicated. Of course the same thing goes for urban dancers. Every young artist works hard to get to certain level regardless of the setting but in this case both companies made a daring move to create a piece together.  True succes for this the cast of Narnia would be when they perform in such a way it will no longer be obvious which dancer represents what discpline. You are just watching a cohesive and very impressive current take on Narnia.

With dancers like Dietrich Pott (bboy Dietje) from Suriname part of Skill Dealers Crew and Gil Gomes Leal (Gil the Grid) who just landed a part on a new Cirque du Soleil creation, this promises to be a peculiar treat. Hereby Step x Step also wants to encourage another dancer who goes by name of Tyrone Menig. This young man is a student of the Jazz Musical Dance department of the Theaterschool. I am confident you will hear from him and the entire cast in the (near) future! But first it’s time for this the premiere to warm us up for the tour that’s starts in September through October 2015.


Whether you spin on your head or make pirouettes on pointe; your life revolves around dancing. With this in mind, the idea arose for a collaboration between the Junior Company and ISH. ISH, led by Marco Gerris, the crossover dance theater company that bridges the gap between classical art forms and disciplines from the street culture. In this new show, created by Marco Gerris and Ernst Meisner, artistic coordinator of the Junior Company, street dance and ballet meet together.

From the website:

in short narnina

Make sure you reserve your ticket to witness 1,5 hours of magic! Check out the trailer here:

Fri 08 May 20:15 hours
Sun 10 May 14:00 hours
Sun 10 May 19:00 hours
Mon 11 May 19:00 hours
Buy Ticket Or call: +3120 625 5455

I will be reviewing the performance on May 11th, be sure to connect with me either on social media or in the theater on monday night. “Toi Toi Toi” to the cast and crew!

Photographer: Altin Kaftira