By Stefani- Next week it is time for the World Bboy Classic qualifier in Doha, Qatar (Middle East). The qualifier in Qatar is organized by Mighty Jokerz Crew. A crew that was first formed in 2008 in Cairo (Egypt), by bboy Hakoomy, Adda & lil’ c and Mansoury.  (Read more in the link above.) Winners of this 2 on 2 championship get a chance to compete in the Dutch finals on June 6th 2015! World BBoy Classic is a part of the E-Moves Festival taking place from 5th-7th of June 2015 in the city of Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

In 2012 the first ever foreign qualifier was organized in Qatar. Before this, WBC was a Dutch event. It was in 2013, that more worldwide qualifiers would be added. Dancers are now able to qualify in the following countries: Greece, Italy, USA, France, Taiwan, China, Midde East, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Luxemburg. Already securing a place in the finals are Onel & Jims, Yaio & Rohan, Napalm & Illz and PacPac & Sweet.

shopping mall

Through Tamer from Urban Roots Society (Dubai, UAE) I was fortunate to meet bboy Hakoomy at The Notorious IBE 2014. I learned it was just four years ago they seized the opportunity to organize a foreign qualifier for the World Bboy Classic. Since it’s inception, the event has grown significantly and has moved to the Doha City Center shopping mall.


The Qatar qualifier is being judged by some very influential artists: Virgil Dey a.k.a. Skychief from the Netherlands (the Ruggeds), Daniel Rojas a.k.a. Sonic from Denmark (Natural Effects Crew), and Vincent Omar Lafif a.k.a Keyz from France (Orginial South Kingz).

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The reason it’s important to finally start traveling the world is to adjust my personal understanding of the dance world. This way I can communicate and highlight the importance of hip hop -and dance in general- in parts of the world where it is not as common or supported as much as in Europe or the USA. Another very important aspect to undertake a trip like this is actually part of the reason I started a webseries called Spiritual Street Sessions. People are all motivated by some force, something underneath the surface. If dancers can articulate that and on top of that share a part of their culture, it will help people realize we’re not that different. In fact, we have more in common that meets the eye. I am excited to announce the first visit I pay to any bboy event outside of Europe is going to be World Bboy Classic!

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