Highly anticipated each year as the crowning solo bboy battle, Red Bull BC One will mark another year down tomorrow in Paris, France. Over 90 cyphers and 6 qualifying finals champions, BC One will take another 10 wildcard bboys making a top 16 with some of the best breakers in the world.

2014 brought an incredible year of more than 90 Cyphers held around the world. Winners battled at six

qualifying Finals in the USA, Brazil, Algeria, Finland, Croatia and Taiwan. The six Finals winners will join ten

Wild Cards to descend upon the global stage, going full force in knockout, one-on-one battles to determine

who will be the world’s best B-Boy.

After last year’s Red Bull BC One All Star Hong 10 took home his second belt in Seoul, Korea, the level of

competition is getting tougher and tougher as B-Boys continue to push the boundaries of breaking. Each

contender has been training year round for their moment on the World Final stage, one of the most coveted

titles in B-Boying today,” says Red Bull BC One.

When you take a look at the list of breakers from all over the world you will see it’s any bboys game tomorrow at La Grand Halle in Paris. The bboys include:Victor (USA), Gravity (USA), Thesis (USA), 2006 & 2013

Champion Hong 10 (South Korea), 2008 Champion Wing (South Korea), Menno (Netherlands), Luan

(Brazil), 2005 & 2009 Champion Lilou (France), 2012 Champion Mounir (France), Tonio (France), Cheerito

(Russia), Alcolil (Russia), Lil G (Venezuela), Benny (South Africa), Blond (Australia) and Taisuke (Japan).”


A panel of legendary B-Boys will determine the winner of each round throughout the night

including: The End (South Korea), Ken Swift (USA), Yaman (France), Yan (Russia) and Luigi (USA).

They’ll judge the B-Boys based on a select criteria of technical and physical skills, choreography, and

creative interpretation of the music.

Since its inception in 2004, Red Bull BC One has become the premier competition in the world of B-Boying,

consistently attracting the best individual breakers in the world. It celebrates breaking culture by using its

original one-on-one, knockout battle format, as opposed to the crew-battle style more prevalent today.”


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