Breakin’ Convention is known for some of the greatest street dance acts performing on stage in the United Kingdom and United States yet many don’t know the quality content they produce via their YouTube. Much of that content has recently been produced into a new series called, “Pro:File,” a look into dancers, emcees, dj’s, and more from Hip Hop culture elements. 

The latest “Pro:File” brings us the adorable, prodigy sister duo of B-Girl’s Terra and Eddie from Soul Mavericks crew (United Kingdom). The exclusive video has gained much popularity and accolades including “Audience Choice Award” from TriForce Short Film Festival 2014. The short film looks into the lives as well as inspiration of Terra and Eddie Wolverhampton where even the sisters interview each other on camera capturing beautiful, innocent moments. 

Eddie and Terra have amassed more than 10 million YouTube views with online footage of their breakdance battles. Their skill levels defy their age. This Pro:File looks behind the moves to reveal a touching relationship of these young Wolverhampton sisters,” says Breakin’ Convention. 

Having seen first hand the artistry, gifts, and passion these girls possess, the ability to capture the sisters in their natural element as kids entitles us the viewer to see both sides of the spectrum. The expertise of Breakin’ Convention to structure and film a piece with the capacity to see both sides of the sisters shows the true element of how influential dance can be in life and at such an early age.