-The only intent and purpose of a SPIRIT SESSION is to uplift & inspire to pay it forward-

By Stefani

One thing that allows for so much pleasure in this life is the gift of detecting quality music. The production, arrangement, the first note of an instrument or a voice. It’s like a system inside that is never at fault. It’s legitimate. However, not being a musician, producer or a DJ myself, it takes contemplation as to why this can be true, regardless of the lack of expertise.

Justification is simple. Intuition is very sensitive. It picks up on the effort, the passion and dedication that goes into the entire musical process. It’s resonance. Surely it is the key that enables one to being receptive to great quality.

Upon hearing a track from Filipe Narciso and Djeff Afrozila in 2012 called “Semba“, it’s like ‘coming home’ to a foreign place. Imagine merely searching online for a summer vibe, a feel good tune to edit under a video recap of a House class. Then, to encounter a funky title and just pressing play. Although the introduction predicts something great is about to happen there is no comprehension of the language. Yet, the drums and their rhythm are somehow speaking the four elements and transmit a state of being content & joyful. The aspect that makes it feel cohesive and transcendent is definitely: the quality.

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Djeff, is one of those artists that communicates through music so effortlessly and clearly. Whether mixing behind the decks or producing, there is this broad color spectrum rushing through it and a breath of Life when the beat drops .

Tiago Barros, better known as Djeff Afrozila is from Cape-Verdean and Angolan descent and sees the Light in 1984 in Alverca – Portugal. Thanks to his father’s long-time interest in music, Tiago establishes a connection to it since childhood. He will then grow up listening to artists and groups such as: Michael Jackson, Europe, Michael Bolton, Brian Adams and of course African music such as: Kassav, Tabanka Jazz, Livity, Grace Evora, Eduardo Paim and others. It is his sister that will later influence him to listen to artists like Robin S, Sizequeen, Daft Punk, Armand Van Helden. The attraction for House Music is immediate!

Since then Tiago has come a long way as an artist: from learning how to play vinyl, performing, designing & PR, presenting, producing and ultimately becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. All of which you are about to dive into.

Djeff’s most recent video releases are from November 2015 when he put out “Love Vibration“, and another project called “So Blessed” in February of 2016. Both the titles and visuals are obvious in their messaging. One could argue that’s one of his signatures in the records he produces and that makes the absolute favorite right now “Alright”. When one is down, Miranda Nicole’s flawless voice lifts you up and when one is up, be ready for lift off.

“No matter how long it takes me I’m going to get there. I know that it’s sure as the seasons: The Lord’s going to bring change.”

Tiago’s heritage is rich, his independence as an artist with a very own record label gives the youth an encouraging perspective. Plus, House dancers treasure his work. In short: you will come to find that this and many other facts make this creative a perfect fit for a Spirit Session.

Djoon Experience
Djoon Experience | Shimza, Afshin, Djeff & Adrien

An opportunity arose with courtesy of WDB management to set up an interview in Berlin, late August 2016.  Djeff Afrozila is in Germany to perform at club Watergate for the first time to continue the DJOON EXPERIENCE tour. Organized by DJ Afshin, (owner of DJOON Club in Paris) the night also features himself and DJ Shimza from South Africa. Djoon Paris established itself as one of the most noteworthy places in Europe for the House genre.

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Club Watergate leaves a big impression in a completely different way. There is a one of a kind view of the Spree river, extraordinary music and the most serene sunrise. The finesse of Berlin is almost as captivating as Djeff Afrozila himself.

You can catch Djeff at Djoon in Paris, France October 14th and in the Netherlands during Amsterdam Dance Event October 20th 2016. For more listening pleasure go to: Traxsource.

Make sure to support this act in winning an AFRIMA award! Nominated category: Best African Electro. Visit: bit.do/vote-djeff


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