Our European Director is excited to present you the first episode of Spiritual Street Sessions:

“1spir·i·tu·al adjective \ˈspir-i-chə-wəl, -i-chəl, -ich-wəl\ : of or relating to a person’s spirit

1spir·it noun \ˈspir-ət\ the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

A new series ! Art is the purest and most effective form and means of transformation. These sessions are my way of showing another layer of depth and drive behind the many talented spirits I meet! This concept is not bound to any particular event or any type of artist.

It came about organically. This is an interview that was meant to be cut into parts and pieces to fit into another project. I quickly discovered that it would be more than a sufficient source of inspiration in itself.

Meet Jason Hull aka FM, Rain Crew from London, United Kingdom. One afternoon I was searching the IBE premises for interesting souls to interview when saw a group of people by some benches just hanging around. I didn’t meet them before and so I wasn’t familiar with any of them. When I explained myself to see if they were interested they all pointed to FM. “You need this guy.” They were right.

It was really amazing to me how he opened up on camera when we had never met before. I can’t think of a better way to kick of this new series of which I will make sure many more are to follow. In this world where all the focus is on the visual outcome of the artist it’s time to find out what is behind it and who is in the driver’s… excuse me, spiritual seat.  Many thanks to FM and Rain Crew!”
Video and edit by Stefani Sarah during IBE 2014 for contact:

“Rain is a B-boy Crew predominantly based in the UK; and although some of the group members have been dancing together since 2005, Rain was only formed later in the winter of 2009. We currently have members in Spain, France and the UK and the group has of a diverse ethnic mix of both male and female dancers who specialise in various art forms. Individually we perform acrobatics, power moves and technical break-dance footwork which can be choreographed and/or free styled as part of a vibrant and exciting show.Music is the reason behind what we do; and our ambitions to create a legacy and history of our own that builds on the past has already taken us to new heights.”

Rain Crew
STEP x STEP: Uniting Dancers Around The World
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