Over this year we have learned a lot about dancers, their dance, and heard many inspiring stories. With over 100 videos just this year, Step x Step went on the road for 11 months in 2014 to find some of the best talent in the dance community.

From breaking to waacking and popping to chicago footwork, all different styles and dancers were representing from all over the world. We felt blessed to hear words from OGs to a newer generation of dancers who are influencing and inspiring into 2015.

Thank you for always staying tuned to Step x Step and we are excited to share with you our new projects coming January 2015 on both our #SXSTV channels!

More features, more interviews, more battles, and more web series meant to inspire, motivate, and push dance into a new spectrum. Stay tuned to #SXSTV

Thank you to our Step x Step family who put in many hours at events and after events bringing you content, social media updates, and all the information on the dance world. Without this team we would not be able to give you all the amazing dance from the community.

STEP x STEP: Uniting Dancers Around The World


1 thought on ““Uniting Dancers Step By Step” | “Get It” Andre Truth | 2014 #SXSTV Recap”

  1. , I think your thoughts would have enteicd someone to see the dance or see the dance AGAIN so that they could form their own opinion. That’s the great thing about sharing ideas and, yes, questioning- it usually opens minds rather than closing them. It’s funny, not long ago I witnessed the lengths one dancer would go to smear the name of someone she felt had wronged her. I didn’t really know either of them but it inspired a two-part post on professionalism! People are often at their worst when they feel they’ve been wronged. They don’t take a breath it’s just react, react, react. I think you’ve shown your quality by trying to set the record straight on what the company did and didn’t do when you could have just let people think the worst. Tomorrow IS a new day. Now you get your chance to just take a deep breath and move on which I know you will to the benefit of your readers and the companies you review.

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