Step x Step with Tevi Wyld, French Hip Hop Dance Artist of the famous CRIMINALZ CREW (Paris), are proud to announce we will be hosting freestyle dance workshops around the US starting May 2015. Tevi will be touring the country sharing his techniques, knowledge, artistry, and experience.

Having gained knowledge from various street dance styles through battles/competitions, workshops, and curriculum around the world, Tevi Wyld will be sharing his freestyle skills across the United States through out the year.

Step x Step’s will be documenting Tevi’s journey around the USA by combining his artistic path with his daily lifestyle all relating to dance. Their documentation will be done through a video documentary series as well as social media promotion including your studio and students.

To make this happen we are setting up a series of freestyle dance classes for all levels in different states and cities. The workshops are FREE!

Tevi Wyld has been dancing since 1997 gaining experience in many different street styles mostly including breaking and Hip Hop freestyle. As part of the famous Parisian crew, Criminalz Crew (Les Twins, Waydi, Nala, Deyvron, Regi, and more) Tevi has toured the world competing in events such as Juste Debout, Hip Hop International, the Notorious IBE, and many more. He has taught classes and workshops in around London, New York City, Paris, Atlanta, and San Francisco and continues gaining knowledge adding to his instruction. 

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If you are interested in booking Tevi Wyld at your studio, please e-mail us at: