Written by Garrett Braithwaite 

Dancers know that a critical element needed for their craft is the music. All styles of music create new styles of dance, and sometimes unexpected styles collide with each other perfectly in a way that cause us all to awe in the surprises they bring.

Ian Eastwood is a dancer and choreographer with a unique style. He incorporates a strong variation of moves in all directions and can also make great turfing and tutting transitions when he wants to. One of his most interesting projects he has been a part of is being the solo dancer in the music video “Paper Hearts” for rising music artist Tori Kelly, who recently performed at the popular iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Kelly’s music can be classified as pop, but also has a strong singer/songwriter vibe to it. Combining Eastwood’s individualistic freestyle in the music video created one of the most emotional and romantic oriented music videos in recent years. Eastwood’s movements aligned perfectly with the long suffering mood of Kelly’s record.

Art has endless possibilities, and when two gems like these form together to create something incredible we should take notice. Once we do, then hopefully new ideas will be born and brought to life. Even if others say it might be out of the ordinary, if you can see it and you believe in it, the only next step to do is to share it, because that is what our gifts and talents are for – to share with others.

Take some time to look both of these amazing artists up. Continuing to learn about the artists is just as important as knowing the art itself. And we should be indeed grateful for what they have brought to us.