Boppin Andre: You should first be aware that I do not train! I do not even practice. I just go withwhat i always have done and then throw in whatever I feel appropriate at the moment […]

Well, I guess that everytime i perform, that’s practice enough, but I feel that people practice to acquire skills and movements they dont have. I mean, they really practice hard to try and master someone else’s moves,” said in a 2011 interview with Liquid Metal Blog.

If this is truly the case, then everyone should stop practicing and follow Sensei Andre. Known as the founder of the style Boppin, Andre can be seen at events as the life of the party and truly making everyone smile. It does not matter if he’s in the circle dancing or outside talking to people, Andre will make you smile and inspire you.

This can be directly tied to the way he performs on stage, not to mention where it began…in the cyphers. “Outside of the robot, which I use to practice hard, when I was young (13-15), I also practiced popping at first (compton style popping, which came from EB’s and popping pete!..1977). After that, i made the connection and combo..bopping! I’ve not have to peactice since then, because i’m only doing me. It’s what I want to do, and as such I don’t have to practice or try to master it. It’s whatever i do,” says Andre – Liquid Metal Blog.

If you watched the video above from Battle-ism Taiwan, you can see the true, seamless interaction of music, dance, and performance still connecting with the crowd. It’s not forced. It’s not rushed. It’s just perfect.

As dancers we should break down all the parts of this video and study it just as the players do in various sports. These OGs are not with us forever, so the other thing we must do is reach out to them and learn from them. We have technology in front of us to do so, whether or not they are on social media, we can reach out to those who know them.

Watch. Learn. Study. Get Down. Repeat