Even in today’s world it’s hard to find street dance events on a regular basis for the fact theres so much going on. Our world of technology with smart phones, apps, and Facebook have made things much easier today then they were even 4 years ago. Mike Lambert has created a website and app for you to make it out to dance events anywhere in the world.

Dance Deets is your home for dance events: nationally and internationally. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll help you find a place to get your groove on. The dance community, especially hip hop and street dance, is getting bigger and becoming more popular than ever these days.

Every day new people want to get involved in the dance scene and find events, classes and workshops that appeal to their interests and are in their neighborhood. However, finding your way “into the dance scene” is sometimes difficult since many events are spread through word of mouth alone or through social networks that you may not be a part of.” 

Now DanceDeets is available on the go for iOS Apple, Android, and Google Play 

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