“Here is a video I filmed with Boogie Frantick in Los Angeles. Although it might look like it is shot in slow motion at some points, this was shot at 24 FPS in real time. No special effects, no iphone slow motion app, just control.” This was the statement in the description from Vincanity of VincaniTV when talking about the filming of Boogie Frantick’s recent video to “Without You” Lapalux (ft. Kerry Leatham). I mean man it’s Boogie Frantick (MZK) so you definitely do not need special effects, slow motion app, or anything. Just let Frantick do his thing! Which is exactly what Vincanity and Bryan Johnston did.

Frantick’s musicality to the track is perfect setting not only in the backdrop of the video but complimenting the changing seasons from fall to winter. Within his musicality is displays of waves, glides, dime stops, and hits taking the viewer through a musical journey in movement. Where the viewer may think special effects have been added is the natural talent to which Frantick has trained hours and hours mastering the craft of his dancing. Vincanity and Bryan Johnston display amazing work with the natural effects such as lighting, angles, and gliding stabilizer to follow Frantick’s movement. 

Overall, Frantick’s latest video shows the true essence of a dancer understanding not only the importance in using one’s whole body but a journey in his growth as an individual. Mark this down as a video journal in Boogie Franctick’s trek along higher expansion as a person and an artist.