Let me say me first say the strides of the African countries in the last five to ten years to make their mark in the dance world have been tremendous and its not particularly one style. From breakers to poppers to dance crews to ballroom styles, Africa is making its way around the world not only via YouTube but in person! Documentaries likes “Bouncing Cats” and “Shake The Dust” are the result of hard work from these Africans to display their love and passion for street dance. 

The circumstances for some of these dancers from Central Africa you couldn’t believe by their spirit and passion to eliminate their past by working towards their future! I met two of these individuals who were part of “Shake The  Dust” documentary, by filmmaker Adam Sjoberg, and take part in Break-Fast Jam at Freestyle Session Finals a few weekends back and it was amazing to see their dreams coming true right before their eyes.


Fact of the matter is these individuals, and many others in Africa, never lost sight of their dreams and worked hard to make it to the very moment at Freestyle Session. Daniel Zhu from Stance Elements was introducing them to a number of individuals and running quick moments on camera for a mini documentary. We had the opportunity to share some of our tank tops with them and next thing we knew…they were wearing during their battle set! BE INSPIRED! 

Press Release from Break-Fast Jam

B-boying\B-girling or breaking, also called breakdancing, is a style of street dance that originated among African American and Puerto Rican youths in New York City during the early 1980s. In Uganda, the breaking movement was initiated by Abraham ‘Abramz’ Tekya in 1992 who later found Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) in 2006. BPU has globally impacted and set a clear example of how hip-hop & breakdance can be used as a tool for community building and positive social change.

Despite its importance, the efforts to preserve and put the message across is increasingly at risk as evidenced by the following;

The misconception of the hiphop culture and hiphop industry among the non practitioners.

Popular “hiphop dance” shows and competitions organized with the intent to make money and gain fame rather than supporting the practitioners.

Aspirers’ over reliance on youtube videos for inspiration rather than taking workshops to seek knowledge and gain a proper understanding of the art-form.

Break-Fast Jam was formed to give a different dimension to the breaking culture in Africa through enriching the practitioners with an abundance of skills, knowledge, inspirations and experiences on a non partisan platform through competitions, workshops, performances and exhibitions.

When: Saturday 22nd November from 10am – 7pm(Skills & knowledge based workshops, eliminations, Screenings and Hip-hop exhibition )

Sunday 23rd November from 2 – 8pm(final battles, panel discussion, Screenings and Hip-hop exhibition)

Where: Sharing Youth Centre, Nsambya on Ggaba Road (Kampala – Uganda) Who: BenLines is a company limited by guarantee. It’s composed of Members of Breakdance Project

How Many:

Uganda(BPU) and Young Artists Exchange Project(YAEP).

The 2014 finals anticipates an attendance of 5000+ spectators over the course of the 2 days event, and up to 300 artists including international guests; Ryo Anijha (Japan), Paijtim Osman(Switzerland), Joe Karago(Kenya) among performers and competitors from Tanzania, Kenya, DRCongo, Rwanda, and Northern, Central, Eastern, Southern and Western regions of Uganda.

Battles/Competitions: In 2 hiphop dance genres; breaking and popping in categories including, Seven 2 Smoke(main category), Solo b-girl(1 on 1), Solo kids (1 on 1), Popping(1 on 1), Crews/teams (3 on 3), Solo b-boy(1 on 1) and All vs All.

Workshops: knowledge and skills based workshops conducted to give young people a chance to learn and experience various aspects of urban art in one setting and giving artists a chance to share their skills and knowledge.

Panel Discussion: Experienced and well respected national and international artists will hold a dialogue educating about the dynamics of urban art and hip-hop, and its relevance in the contemporary society.

Performances and Showcases: Both local and international outstanding invitees will be entertaining and educating the audience.

Hip Hop Exhibition: Master pieces covering various forms of expression, skills, and scenes of the urban art movement. Including visual artists and hip-hop photographers, who will be featured in the exhibitions.