Written By Justin Curry

I was asked to give a recap of Pop N’ Locktoberfest. I threw the battle about two weeks ago, and it was the first one I have ever thrown. I have already written so many summaries, given out tons of thank you messages, shared countless words on my feelings, and basically talked about the event nonstop for four months. You think I would have come to a loss of words with talking about the battle because there is only a finite amount of words to choose from in the dictionary. You would be wrong. So much work and love went into this battle to the point that I probably still talk about it in my sleep.

Like some of you might of heard me say before, the thought behind Pop N’ Locktoberfest came from a battle I went to when I was living in South Korea. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on at most of the battles I went to while living in Korea. So when they had unique concepts, such as this one, I had to put them together piece by piece because I don’t speak Korean. At times it was really frustrating, but now that I can look back at it, I can see how living in the moment like that was truly liberating.


When I watched this particular battle unfold I knew I needed to share it with my community back home. At this battle, every dancer had to enter under a certain style of dance. For the preliminary rounds they would do a showcase exhibition. After that, the judges picked their favorite dancers who would move on. Those dancers picked numbers from a hat to see who would be in their randomly assembled crew of four.

The purpose of this battle was to interact with our dance community in a new way. So many of us dance with the same people all the time, and don’t take an advantage of connecting with new people. This battle was meant to break that custom. With this battle we were given the opportunity to work with dancers we never would have danced with before. The random crews were made up of veterans and up and comers; different dancers coming from different cities; and mixing with styles of dance we have never tried before. In some cases we got to see rival crews work together for the win.

It really was a blessing to see the hip-hop dance community share with each other in this way, and it made the energy in the building go through the roof. Animosity was no longer an element needed to win. It was all love on the dance floor. I made a short recap of the event, but it was impossible to capture all of the amazing things that happened at Pop N’ Locktoberfest.

Enjoy it all the same, and I hope that you can come out next year for Pop N’ Locktoberfest 2!