By Stefani-
Crowd funding Movie Alert ! Amok, Rubberlegz, Majid, Minzy, Robozee, Ben, Vellu and Arman are set to star in a movie called Greed and Glory by directors Arman Kashani and Felix Charin. (If you click on their names you are forwarded to their personal profiles)

#SXSTV would like to invite you to support this cause brought to our attention by Christian Schneider.  We highly appreciate and encourage all dancers from within the scene and lovers of the artform to support those who are creating their own projects. Remember that any little amount will help bring their vision life. The campaign will close on May 05, 2015! Watch the trailer below and click here to find out all further information.

“Dance meets Cinema meets Inspiration and Political Awareness –  starring some of the worlds best dancers worldwide! 

GREED AND GLORY tells the story of an orphan child that grows up in the 1870s, in a city that is taken over by a greedy gold merchant. This merchant turns the place into a totalitarian place where dance is forbidden. The young boy grows to be a man, to form a renegade movement – to fight the power and bring down the regime! It will be a metaphorical short film about oppression and the power of resistance – told in the most beautiful and universal language of the world: Dance.”